What Really Matters

“A Guidebook for Awakening”

Learn the Lessons Your Soul Came Here to Discover

NOW!!! Dr. Karen Wyatt shares the wisdom she has learned from years of medical practice and her own personal spiritual journey.

Filled with stories from her work as a hospice medical director,  this book presents a profound opportunity to embrace the difficulties of life and wake up to the presence of the Soul.

         This book will change the way you see …


7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the     Dying

Through the stories of dying patients and the 7 important spiritual lessons they learn at the end of their days, What Really Matters shows us how to live our lives NOW! These 7 Lessons of the Soul form a step-by-step map for spiritual awakening and teach us why we must focus on what really matters in order to evolve our consciousness.

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Dr. Karen Wyatt:

“We can discover what really matters in our own lives and begin to fulfill our potential and purpose right now, without waiting until our last breaths. This is the gift left behind by those who have already passed on before us: the knowledge that there is hope for negotiating the dangerous waters of suffering. There is a way through the darkness of illness and loss and it leads to ultimate transformation!”