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Prayer for the Homeless



Last week on Thanksgiving Day my family and I spent a few hours roaming the streets of Los Angeles, handing out care packages to the homeless. We encountered many tragic individuals – people with mental illnesses, chronic physical disabilities and addictions, and some who for one reason or another were just down on their luck – all struggling to survive on the streets.

At the end of the day we felt more grateful than ever for all of the blessings that have been showered upon us during our lives. Were it not for mysterious grace, we ourselves could be among those in harm’s way on the city streets.

This week I learned that Pope Francis has perhaps been sneaking out of the Vatican at night,  in humble disguise, to minister to the poor and homeless on the streets of his city. My heart soars to think that perhaps there is a new dawning awareness that we are all one – we are all connected.

And when one of us suffers, we all suffer.

There is boundless need for our compassion and generosity in this world – and, thankfully, it turns out that our capacity for giving is boundless, as well. We simply have to open our eyes, don a humble disguise, and be present to the pain and suffering of our brethren. I offer a prayer for those who dwell in vulnerable situations this day.

Prayer for the Homeless

 O Creator of shelter and storm,

we gather under

shingled roofs and marbled domes,

sacred canopies and vaulted rafters,

to ask that your

infinite and invisible hand

cover and protect

all those who slumber

under troubled skies,

without the comfort of

familiar walls and well-worn floors

to surround and hold

their cares.

May those who have lost

their homes and hearths –

whether through flood or fire,

frailty or foreclosure –

find hope in the stars

that blanket their misfortune,

comfort in our prayers

that swathe their suffering,

and safety in the connectedness

that weaves their hearts

together with all other life.

Until we all find our

true abode

in the Universe,

bless those who sleep

without a home

this night.

Dr. Karen Wyatt is “America’s Spiritual MD” who writes about spirituality and health and coping with life’s difficulties. Read more about her work at karenwyattmd.com and contact her at [email protected].